I am passionate about aromatherapy.  I am certain that there is an essence from the plant and tree kingdom that can address a variety of symptoms.  I only use essential oils from Wisdom of the Earth.   The plant and tree essences from Wisdom of The Earth are pure and undiluted.  Each individual oil is non-blended and does not contain any additives. Each oil contains properties that work with one's body, mind and spirit. 


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I am available to come and offer workshops on Medicinal Plant Essences. Some recent workshops include: A Basic Introduction to Aromatherapy, How to  Use Essential Oils, and Integrating Essential Oils into your daily wellness plan.   I love sharing my knowledge of aromatherapy with others.  Invite your friends over so that they can learn more about the benefits of integrating Medicinal Essential Essences (oils) into their daily lives. This can be a fabulous excuse to host a get together. 

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I would love to talk to you about integrating essential oils into your daily wellness plan, as well as assist you with issues of  grief, loss, or bereavement.  

Reiki, Chair Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation can be included with any consultation. 

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